The Initiative

Protect Our Water: Ban Fracking and Limit Risky Oil Operations Initiative


This initiative:

  • Bans fracking, acidizing, and other risky well stimulation treatments. (In 2008, fracking and acidizing were used in Bradley wells to extract oil from the Monterey Shale Formation.)
  • Bans new wastewater injection wells and wastewater ponds. It also phases out existing wastewater injection wells and wastewater ponds. (Most of Monterey County's wastewater injection wells are injecting into protected aquifers, in violation of the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act. There are safer, alternative, wastewater disposal methods.)
  • Bans new oil and gas wells within Monterey County. (Any new drilling would rely on high risk methods, which endanger our water, health, and economy.) 

This initiative does not affect Monterey County's 1,500+ existing oil and gas wells, which may continue to operate.