Sen. Sanders Endorses

Protect Monterey County Ballot Initiative 
Receives Endorsement from Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate

The full recording of Bernie Sanders Press Conference on fracking is below, including remarks by local activists in the Monterey Bay Region:  Margaret Rebecchi, Gary Patton, Andy Hsia-Coron, and our friend David Braun of Americans Against Fracking.  


During the morning of June 1st, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a special press conference on the topic of fracking at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Spreckels. Sanders proposed a national ban on fracking, stating that there is sufficient evidence regarding the negative impacts on water, health, and climate change that makes this an urgent state and national issue. Sanders thanked Protect Monterey County (PMC) for its work on the local anti-fracking initiative. Sanders also introduced three PMC members who spoke about the anti-fracking movement in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties. The press conference was an invitation only event, to highlight fracking as an issue of concern at the local, statewide and national levels. 


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