Local Organizers participate in Oakland Climate March

Protect Monterey County organizer Stefanie Krantz and her son Elias were among Monterey County residents who went to the Oakland Climate March this weekend. The march was called by a coalition of over 100 labor, environmental, faith and social justice groups in advance of the 21st U.N. Climate Talks in Paris (Nov. 30-Dec. 11), calling on world leaders to adopt an agreement on global warming. The Oakland climate March was one of the largest in the states.

Stef and Elias



There was a large anti-fracking contingent and also dancing troops, a marching ban, Native American dancers, and several 350 groups among a very diverse crowd.

Stefanie said it was, “incredibly rewarding to see such a diverse group of people standing up for their future! Very exciting and inspiring.” 
She is looking forward to organizing local actions in Monterey.

Denyse Frischmuth, president of Communities for Sustainable Monterey County, has high hopes for local efforts. “It's very encouraging to see the movement growing. The fossil fuel companies have the $$$ but millions of people rising up is something they can't defeat. The challenge for us is to inspire more and more people to get involved, not an easy task, but we are persistent, aren't we?!”

Rally organizer Steve Nadel of the Sunflower Alliance, which is part of the coalition that initiated this event, was quoted as saying, “We don’t expect [governments] to make adequate pledges without mass public pressure.” Marches and protests will be banned in Paris during the COP 21 conference under the State of Emergency so international rallies have been organized world wide.

More information on the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11) is at this link.

“The conference is crucial because the expected outcome is a new international agreement on climate change, applicable to all, to keep global warming below 2°C.”

Some pictures are posted on IndyBay and Demotix, links below.



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