Monterey County Spills

PMC research uncovered numerous spills of wastewater and other toxins from oil operations located near the Salinas River.

whats_in_the_water.jpgThe Monterey County Health Dept. receives hazardous materials spill reports on a regular basis for the San Ardo oil fields. The industry self-reports, and the oil operators are allowed to check off and approve their own clean up efforts. When Monterey County Health Dept. staff were directly asked, "What circumstances would trigger an in-person follow up by the County?" they admitted they do not have a process, nor the resources to determine if the reported contamination requires further remediation, or poses a public health risk. The operator simply states, "CLEAN UP BY CONTRACTOR." 

Below are a list of self-reported spills:

Jan 6, 2015:


May 25, 2015:,%20San%20Ardo~15-067.pdf

More than one report update was filed... the later update mentions that Salinas River was impacted by the spill.


May 28, 2015:


Aug. 30, 2015:,%20San%20Ardo~15-111.pdf


Sept 11, 2015:

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