Monterey County Must Follow Its Own Code


Measure Z adopted by the voters is simply a continuation of the Monterey County policy, adopted in 1986, Monterey County Municipal Code, Chapter 16.55 – ONSHORE FACILITIES SUPPORTING OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS EXPLORATION AND DEVELOPMENT.  This code prohibits any "onshore facility necessary for or intended to support offshore oil or gas exploration or development."  

The Code reflects a tone of wise stewardship, "Rather than consuming offshore oil and gas resources now, our nation should conserve these resources, since they are non-renewable."

The findings include the threat that "the Federal government has proposed to open up virtually the entire California coast-line to offshore oil and gas exploration and development, including the coastline off Monterey County."

Monterey County Code recognizes significant and negative effects on the community of oil operations, including "inevitable" air pollution; the danger of massive oil spills and routine small oil releases; and the discharge of toxic materials. The Code also notes the economy would be in jeopardy by detracting from the experience of visitors, and “particularly if a massive oil spill occurs, place our tourism industry in danger,”  and threatens the agriculture economy by putting pressure on water and land needed for agriculture.

Read the code here, VERSION: Dec. 16, 2016 (CURRENT) and demand Monterey County abide by their own law.

The prior Board of Supervisors did everything possible to avoid and sabotage County environmental regulation of dangerous oil and gas exploration practices including their most recent effort to interfere with prompt and effective implementation of Measure Z.  These efforts are all inconsistent with Monterey County policy and regulation of dangerous oil exploration practices. 

Here is how to contact the current Board of Supervisors:

District 1 - Supervisor Luis Alejo
168 West Alisal St., 2nd Floor,
Salinas, CA 93901
Phone: (831)755-5011
Fax: (831)755-5876

District 2 - Supervisor John M. Phillips
Castro Plaza
11140 Speegle St.
P.O. Box 787
Castroville, CA 95012
Phone: (831)755-5022
Fax: (831)633-0201

District 3 - Supervisor Simon Salinas
168 W. Alisal, 3rd Floor
Salinas, Ca 93901
Phone: (831)755-5033
Fax: (831)796-3022
Phone - King City: (831) 385-8333

District 4 - Supervisor Jane Parker
2616 1st Ave.
Marina, CA 93933
Phone: (831) 883-7570, (831) 755-5044

District 5 - Supervisor Mary Adams
Monterey Courthouse
1200 Aguajito Rd., Ste. 1
Monterey, CA 93940
Phone: (831)755-5055, (831) 647-7755
Fax: (831) 647-7695


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