Beverly G. Bean: County needs a ban on fracking

The recent Herald guest commentary in support of fracking was completely misleading. It was written by the head of the Tea Party in Colorado, an extreme right-wing group which is opposed to environmental protection and denies the scientific facts about climate change. READ MORE   

Cutting through the local anti-fracking initiative spin

David Schmalz - July 7, 2016

Although the supervisors previously voted 4-1 against soliciting a fiscal impact report on the measure, District 2 Supervisor John Phillips brought the issue back to the forefront when he made a referral to the board in advance of its June 28 meeting, requesting county staff produce a report of their own. READ MORE


Robin White: Oil lobbyists’ slick attempt at hype

Robin White of Pacific Grove said it in a nutshell, (and so much more) in his excellent Feb. 7 commentary for the Monterey County Herald. 

"A lot of real Californians might find it surprising that anyone would want to use a technology that depends on lots of fresh water, generates a lot of toxic waste, induces earthquakes and contaminates groundwater — the same groundwater our farmers rely upon in the absence of rain."

". . .when the lobbyists say “Energy independence!” they really mean “We’ll make sure you depend on us.” “Billions in benefits!” means “We stand to make a bundle here.” “Putting Californians to work!” means “We’ll hire whoever is cheapest, wherever we can find them,” and “Environmental benefits!” means “By the time you catch on we’ll be somewhere else.”

Read it here.

Oil fields near San Ardo, southern Monterey County, in 2015. (Vern Fisher - Monterey Herald) 











California counties push for all-out fracking ban

“The message was pretty clear: Do you wanna trust the oil companies, or do you wanna make sure to continue to have clean water?"

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