Magnitude of Risk to Salinas Valley Water

109  Total number of Class II wastewater injection wells in Monterey County, including:

32  Active wastewater injection wells

4  New wastewater injection wells (recently permitted by DOGGR)
8  Idle (inactive) wastewater injection wells
65  Plugged wastewater injection wells 

The above are from oil fields in San Ardo, Monroe Swell, Lynch Canyon, McCool Ranch, etc.
Most of the wastewater injection wells in Monterey County are located within the San Ardo oil field.
80 Total number of Class II wastewater injection wells in San Ardo oil field, including:

23 Active wastewater injection wells
3 New wastewater injection wells
3 Idle wastewater injection wells
51 Plugged wastewater injection wells.
See below for a ArcGIS map of the San Ardo wastewater injection wells near the Salinas river.

It is quite remarkable that there are many regulations that define surface mining operations and groundwater quality objectives for Central Coast groundwater basins. These are regarded as "necessary for the reasonable protection of beneficial uses and for the prevention of nuisance in the Salinas Basin." There are no regulations regarding oil & gas wells, maintenance wells, or steam fracking. 

Below is Figure 3-5, from a 2006 report (Monterey County Groundwater Management Plan).  
Amazingly, the report doesn't mention the oil field at San Ardo, although it talks about groundwater contamination by agriculture, there's no mention of possible contamination by the oil field. Given what Prof. Tim Krantz reported (see video on another News post) about the groundwater contamination at Guadalupe oil field leak and Avila Beach, it's stunning that this report doesn't mention any possible threat -- even with San Ardo oil fields perched on top of the Salinas aquifer.



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