Industry Job Reports Reveal No Truth in Advertising


The job and economic impact numbers used by the industry are taken from a study by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, Oil and Gas in California: The Industry and Its Economic Contribution in 2012.  Attached is an excerpt from the study on Monterey County.  Below is a link to the complete study:
You will see that of the total 1,087 direct oil and gas industry jobs in Monterey County in 2012, only 121 were in oil and gas extraction while there were 92 in support activities, 26 in natural gas distribution, 114 in petroleum product wholesalers, and 733 in gas stations and fuel dealers (refined oil).  These direct jobs reflect the employees hired by the industry itself.
Added to the 1,087 direct jobs are 161 indirect jobs (created by purchases made by the industry and its suppliers) and 402 induced jobs (created by spending of employees whose wages are sustained by both direct and indirect employment), resulting in a total of 1,651 jobs.  
The total of 1,651 jobs was only .8% of Monterey County's total employment. The 733 jobs in selling refined oil products obviously will not be affected by Measure Z's regulation of oil and gas production.  The remaining 913 jobs are only .44% of Monterey County's total employment. 
Since Measure Z DOES NOT PROHIBIT CONTINUED OPERATION of Monterey County's 1,500 existing oil and gas wells, NO JOBS WILL BE LOST.  In fact, new jobs will be created when the oil companies comply with their responsibility to clean up our water.

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