Job Figures Grossly Inflated


On May 4, 2016, the Protect Monterey County coalition was invited by Public Water Now, a local advocacy group, to detail our initiative for a public audience. David Armanasco, a local lobbyist and campaign strategist, was invited to present a short opposition view, in the interest of fairness. He represented himself as being paid by South County landowners to represent their interests regarding leasing their land for oil operations. It was revealed that the job numbers reported are inflated 10x over actual oil field operation jobs.

Below is a table of the 2010-2020 Industry Employment Projections for Monterey County showing 200 maximum oil jobs in the category including mining and logging, not the 2,000 quoted by the industry. 


 At the Q&A session, an audience member asked about the oil industry job numbers of nearly 2,000,  

quoted repeatedly during the Monterey County Energy Independence (a front group for the Western States Petroleum Association) blitz of broadcast and radio ads. He was asked specifically if they were, as many suspected, gas station jobs. Mr. Armanasco said yes, they are use gas station attendant data as "oil jobs." This was taped and may be made available. Nothing in the PMC initiative affects gas station attendant jobs.

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