Earthquakes - Injured Residents Can Sue

Shale Fault Line

The Oklahoma Supreme Court just ruled that residents who have sustained damage or injuries from the swarm of earthquakes determined to have been caused by oil and gas operations can sue for damages in state court, despite the industry effort to block lawsuits from being heard by judge and jury.

This could be good news for Californians, but even better would be to learn from and prevent such disasters here on the angry San Andreas fault line. If the trend continues, Oklahoma, who previously experienced one or two quakes higher than 3.0 magnitude, expects to reach 1,100 quakes just this year. Our shaky state doesn't need any encouragement from fracking and wastewater injection wells.

Scientific consensus is that the “the majority of recent earthquakes in central and north-central Oklahoma are very likely triggered” by wastewater disposal wells.”

Oklahoma Court Rules Homeowners Can Sue Oil Companies Over Quakes

Read the New York Times at the above link.

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