Dr. Krantz on Fracking Risks - Video

Here is the video of the presentation done by Protect Monterey County on Dec. 11 at the Monterey College of Law. (not CSUMB, as stated in the description.)


Professor Tim Krantz of Redlands University describes the risks of oil industry activities like fracking, acidizing, cyclic steam injection and wastewater injection. This will help educate concerned citizens who are working to formulate an anti-fracking initiative and strategy for Monterey County's November 2016 ballot.

Dr. Tim Krantz has broad experience in the field of Environmental Science. For the past several years, his research has focused on renewable energy technologies, sustainable buildings and communities. He has 30+ years of land use planning and environmental impact assessment experience, specializing in endangered species mitigation, environmental remediation and ecological restoration projects.

He has worked on more than 150 environmental assessments, evaluating a wide range of projects, from urban development, to mining applications and oil and chemical remediation. As senior associate scientist, he helped to direct the restoration of Guadalupe Dunes, a 2700 acre oil field south of San Luis Obispo, which had an oil spill twice the size of Exxon Valdez. Prof. Krantz discusses the risks of various petroleum operations.

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