Democratic Central Committee Endorses Z

Monterey County Democratic Central Committee unanimously supports Measure Z.

Photos below, Ed Mitchell and Margaret Serna-Bonetti make the case for Measure Z before the Central Committee votes to endorse.

Ed_Mitchell.jpgThe Monterey County Democratic Central Committee voted to endorse Measure Z Wednesday night.  There was no opposition to the Measure Z endorsement voiced by any of the nearly thirty Central Committee members present and voting, including Luis Alejo (Monterey County Supervisor), Alan Haffa (Monterey City Council Member and candidate for reelection), Amit Pandya (candidate for election as Mayor of Salinas), and Wes White (candidate for election to the Salinas City Council, District 4).

Measure Z supporter Dr. Laura Solario hailed the endorsement as a major step toward winning the adoption of Measure Z in the November 8 election.  "This enthusiastic endorsement by the Central Committee, on the heels of a unanimous endorsement of Measure Z last week by the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO," said Solorio, "shows the significant support we are gaining from powerful and respected organizations in this county that are actually devoted to representing and advocating for the interests of the people of our county."

See the growing list here.

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