Ag & Hospitality Jobs Threatened

Agriculture and tourism are two of the four "pillars" of Monterey County economic development that play a key role in employment growth. 

Expanded intensive oil extraction operations requiring massive amounts of water and continued injection of toxic wastewater into the aquifer, threatens the stated desire of Monterey County to "brand itself as a true sustainable, wellness and life style tourism destination,"and to "expand and enhance the global competitiveness of the Monterey County agricultural sector." The Monterey County Occupational Employment Projections chart does not list oil extraction or oil operations as an economic factor or job segment.  


READ MORE job statistics:

The Monterey Farm Bureau reports:

  • Farming supports local families - nearly 1 in 4 households relies on income related to agriculture which supports 76,054 jobs.
  • Farming supports the local economy - Agriculture contributes over $4.49 billion per year to Monterey County’s economic output, with a total estimated impact of over $8.1 billion on the local economy.

The Monterey County Hospitality Association reports:

  • The Monterey County tourism industry brings in $2.3 billion annually and supports more than 23,000 employees working in area hotels, resorts, restaurants, retail stores, tour companies and other local businesses.

Monterey County for Energy Independence, the fossil fuels industry lobby group, claim $428.8 million in sales and taxes. As we can see from their inflated jobs number, 1,941, (only a projected 200) it is likely that gas station sales are included in this revenue figure. 

Nothing in the Protect Monterey County initiative will impact gasoline stations sales or jobs.



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