20160910_103539.jpgProtect Monterey County is a grassroots group of residents of the Central Coast region who are taking action to protect our water.  We act because our elected officials are not responding to our concerns about the dangers of fracking and other extreme oil recovery methods.  

Our coalition strives for inclusion and participation by diverse communities throughout the region.
Join us!


Protect Monterey County's (PMC) first goal has been met, with a historical volunteer signature gathering effort, putting our measure on the November 2016 presidential ballot to protect our water and ban future extreme recovery wells from being drilled in Monterey County.

We all want a bright future for coming generations, one in which we have:

* a steady supply of clean water
* a vibrant economy based on agriculture and tourism
* a healthy environment in which to live
* sustainable energy from abundant solar and wind resources

We think we should be the ones to determine our future, not the oil and gas industry.  


 Parents Walk from Lovers Point to Fishermans Wharf, Sept 10

Your generous contributions allows us to continue the urgent work to protect our water, health, and safety of Monterey County residents .

Sus contribuciones generosas nos permite continuar el trabajo urgente de proteger nuestra agua, la salud yseguridad de los residentes del Condado de Monterey.

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