Protect Our Water: Vote Yes on Z!

Measure Z protects Monterey County's water by banning fracking and limiting risky oil operations. It protects our water, our health, and our thriving agriculture- and tourism-based economy. Farmers, doctors, workers, and concerned residents agree: Yes on Z! 

The best advice for voters on every issue and candidate is to follow the money. Check who is behind the campaign advertisements you're hearing and seeing. Chevron and Aera, Measure Z opponents, will likely spend more to defeat the measure than they provide in annual revenue to the county. Read the analysis by the Monterey Bay Partisan.

"If all those fancy commercials, the expensive scare tactics, the big lie technique, manage to beat back Measure Z, the community should stick together and require the industry to start paying for the privilege of getting rich from the resources of Monterey County."  

They can easily afford to clean up ALL the millions of gallons of our water they contaminate! Salinas attorney Jason Retterer of the firm L+G, representing Monterey County for Energy Independence, said, “We could clean it all but it’s an economic issue.”

Watch the video:

Measure Z is endorsed by a broad movement of farmers, health professionals, labor unions, environmental groups, and students. Notable endorsers include the Monterey County Central Labor Council, the Sierra Club, the Monterey County Democratic Central Committee, and the owners of local farms such as Serendipity Farms and Everyone’s Harvest Certified Organic Farmers Markets. To see the full list, visit our Endorsements page.

What does Measure Z do?
  • Bans fracking, acidizing, and other risky well stimulation production methods.

Why? The Monterey Shale Formation underlies substantial portions of the County. Oil companies have already used fracking and acidizing in south Monterey County and they view this shale formation as an area for future expansion via fracking and acidizing methods.

  • Bans new, and phases out existing, wastewater injection and wastewater ponds.

Why? The San Ardo oil field produces 328,379 barrels (13.8 million gallons) of toxic wastewater every day. The oil companies reinject 75% of this toxic wastewater back into protected aquifers and treats the remaining third. By phasing out the use of wastewater injection and wastewater ponds over a five-year period, this initiative requires these oil companies to clean all of the toxic wastewater they currently produce.

  • Bans new oil and gas wells within Monterey County.

Why? New drilling relies on new high risk extraction methods, which endanger our water, health, and economy, and greatly increase the potential for earthquakes.

  • This initiative does not prohibit the continuing operation of Monterey County’s 1,500+ existing oil and gas wells. 

No jobs will be lost. In fact, new jobs will be created when the oil companies comply with their responsibility to treat produced wastewater.


Help with fundraise and help inform voters and activate your neighborhood, schools and groups.

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US_Against_Fracking.jpgProtect Monterey County is a coalition of residents of the Central Coast region working to pass a citizens' initiative to prevent the harmful impacts of extreme oil extraction methods. 

We took action because we had no response from elected officials about the dangers of fracking and other extreme oil recovery methods. 




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